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MysteryPeople Q&A with Reavis Wortham

Interview with Reavis Wortham


Reavis Wortham‘s latest Red River novel, Vengeance Is Mine, is a game changer for Wortham’s Red River series. When a Vegas hitman moves to town and befriends some of the lawmen of Central Springs, Texas, they must then deal with the violent consequences of his actions in ways that may change their town forever.

reavis wortham vengeance is mine

Reavis will be joining Ben Rheder and Tim Bryant for our Lone Star Mystery Discussion on August 6th. We got a few questions in early.

MysteryPeople:Most of the major characters you’ve dealt with before are native Texans. How did you approach the challenge of a Vegas hitman?

Reavis Wortham: Old Vegas has always fascinated me and when I was first thinking about Vengeance is Mine, it kept popping into my head. I wanted to get out of Center Springs for a while, and the idea of Vegas and old Highway 66…

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July 2014

Here’s the latest from HOTSHOTS!

HOTSHOTS! Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas monthly newsletter

March 9 012After a two-year absence, the HOTSHOTS! blog newsletter has returned. Instead of PDF format, we will now publish the Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas newsletter in WordPress format.

Get Ready to Network

If anyone is interested in starting or joining a writers’ critique group, please come to the Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas chapter meeting How to Critique: Constructive Criticism and Critique Groups at 2 p.m. on July 13 at Recycled Reads.

Timothy E. Green, PhD., English professor at St. Edward’s University, will tell Sisters in Crime members how writers can discuss fellow writers’ work without engaging in tears or fisticuffs.

According to Professor Green, “Most of this stuff is common sense, but in the heat of critiquing egos are easily bruised and some folks have a strange lack of empathy. So the key is constructive courtesy–combined with the development of a little thick skin and a climate…

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When Books Were Love

Austin Mystery Writers

by Gale Albright


Aunt Marjorie Nell was a big fan of mine.

That’s why I figure she may have embellished stories about my alleged brilliance when I was a tot. She taught me to read when I was just three years old, because I told her “I want to read like you do, Jaumie.”

She was thirteen years old when I was born and she spent every minute away from school taking care of me. She was the only one I allowed to wash my hair (without squalling), and apparently, teach me to read.

I don’t know if I was really that young when I learned to read. I think Aunt Marjorie gave me too much credit, but I learned early and fast. I loved words. All kinds of words. I talked them, sang them, heard them on the radio. I found them in conversations and I found them in…

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What's not to love about femme fatales?

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What's not to love about femme fatales?


What's not to love about femme fatales?

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What's not to love about femme fatales?

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