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No Cleavage in Broadchurch

reblogging my own article from Austin Mystery Writers about why women detectives on TV don’t resemble the real thing…

Austin Mystery Writers

hutto oct. 1 2014 023 (2)By Gale Albright

In crime fiction, women traditionally have taken on roles of helpmeet/spouse or devil temptress. It’s the old good girl/bad girl, Madonna/whore dichotomy so prevalent in literature, movies, and television. A great example of this dichotomy appears in the classic noir film, The Maltese Falcon.

Mary Astor is the seductive, murdering femme fatale, Bridget O’Shaughnessy. Lee Patrick plays Sam Spade’s girl Friday, Effie Perrine. She is obviously devoted to him, is on call to do his bidding 24/7 and lives with her mother. He never notices her except to say things like “You’re a good man, sister.” He plays around with Iva Archer, his partner’s wife. She is not on screen long, but she makes it count. When Miles is murdered, she forces her way into Sam’s office, draped head to toe in stylish black, somehow looking sexy, and asks Sam if he killed Miles because he…

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January 2015

HOTSHOTS! Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas monthly newsletter

Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas chapter will meet at the Yarborough branch of the Austin Public Library on Sunday, January 11, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. For more information, contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity, at 512-266-6543.

All meetings are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Mark Pryor in  January

3476-19 (cropped)Mark Pryor will be our first speaker of the new year.

Mark is a former newspaper reporter from England, and now a prosecutor with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, in Austin, Texas.

He is the author of five novels in the Hugo Marston series, which are set in Paris, London, and Barcelona. The first, called The Bookseller, was a Library Journal Debut of the Month, and called “unputdownable” by The sixth will be published in June of 2015, and his stand-alone psychological thriller, Hollow Man, will be released soon after, in September.

In addition to speaking about his…

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Renew Your Writing Vows in 2015

Here’s a wonderful post from RAMONA DEFELICE LONG

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarI spent most of 2014—and 2013 and 2012—writing about love.

My recently completed novel manuscript addresses falling in love, second time around love, old people in love, disappointments in love, unconditional love, and steadfastness in love. There’s also a bomb scare, dog antics, and a poetry reading in the story, so don’t think all I did was write characters who spent 350 pages giving one another moony looks.

I mention the three years it took me to write this manuscript because my expectation was that it would take only one. I’m a fast writer, I knew my characters, the plot was clear in my head, so writing 100,000 words could not possibly take more than 52 weeks.

Ha. And ha again.

Writers produce at different speeds. Many of my mystery writing friends and clients produce one or two books a year. Some of my other friends produce a book every…

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What's not to love about femme fatales?

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What's not to love about femme fatales?


What's not to love about femme fatales?

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What's not to love about femme fatales?

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